How Hearing Impacts Mental Health

Oklahoma City Dr. Studies Mental Health

It’s not necessarily common knowledge, but recent studies have shown that by improving hearing for those impaired can improve their mental health. A study conducted by an Audiologist in Oklahoma City suggested that those who have lived the majority of their life with hearing, and have slowly lost it over time were susceptible to mental health issues later in life. Some suggest that after a lifetime of hearing, those that fall deaf may be overcome by feeling of depression. There are technologies available today that were not available 10 years ago that are giving hearing impaired individuals the gift of sound. Some are hearing for the first time ever and their reactions are priceless.

Short Term Solutions For The Hearing Impaired

hearing aids okcThere are more expensive long term solution for recovering your hearing. Some of these processes require surgery, insurance, and can be costly. When we asked Dr. Smith about a short term solution this is what he had to say. “Speaking on behalf of our local community, I would suggest picking up a pair of hearing aids in OKC. This is an affordable solution for many that can provide an immediate solution” We did some research and found that you can purchase a pair of $40 dollar hearing aids or spend as much as $320 for hearing aids OKC.

Signs You May Be Going Def

Your body may be giving you signs that your hearing is going, don’t let that fall on def ears. Things like constant ringing, trouble hearing conversations that were once easy to understand, and sensitivity to certain frequencies could all be signs that something is wrong. If you live in Oklahoma City you can reach out to the local Audiologist for a hearing test that might help determine if your problem is a short term one related to a bug or a cold, or if it’s something a little more concerning. you will also find the local Audiologist specializes in the custom fitting of hearing aids OKC for those with abnormal ear sizes.


Posted by Patricia Adams