Marijuana For Psychiatric Care

Using Marijuana To Treat Psychological Disorders

medical marijuanaThere have been many studies that have shown the health benefits of mental patients taking microdoses of marijuana to combat mental disorders. We have done in-office and out of office studies that have proven the benefits of medical marijuana. CBD Oils are growing popular amongst people trying to combat the negative effects of cancer, however, there have been no scientific studies at this time to indicate that Cannabinoid Oil truly has cancer-fighting agents.

Mental Disorders

There are many variations of mental disorders that affect people every day. More and more people are seeking natural remedies to avoid prescription addiction. We have seen an increase in patients affected by psychological disorders over the years turning to marijuana for relief. Marijuana is psychotropic and can affect each individual differently depending dosage and patient tolerance to substance. We have seen an improvement in mental health from patients dosing up to 5mg of THC while there have been studies conducted with patients that have been dosed with up to 10mg and have not seen any change in their mental state. This becomes a patient by patient scenario that needs to be tested on an individual basis before prescribing medical marijuana as a possible solution.

Treating Mental Health With Cannabinoid Oil & THC

When it comes to treating patients with mental disorders it can be a difficult task to identify which medication and what dosage amount works best for their system. Everyone processes medication differently, so ideally you want to know your patients very well before prescribing medical marijuana to them. Most practitioners prescribe oral dosages that allow the patient to consume it orally without having to smoke it. There are many reasons why this is a preferred dosage method, the main being that the dosage can fully be controlled through concentrated amounts. When a patient smokes marijuana there is no guarantee that they will get the amount needed to treat their condition, and there is no guarantee that the patient won’t take a dosage amount that exceeds the recommended dosage by their health care physician.

Legalization Of Marijuana For Medical Use

There are many states that have legalized Marijuana for medical and recreational use. mental health treatmentYou can read about the decriminalization of marijuana here. There are states like Washington State and Colorado that have made it legal to consume marijuana in public for recreational use. You can visit the Washington State dispensary called Gonja Goddess to view pricing and products that they offer. If you are looking for a Colorado Dispensary you can visit Helping Hands Herbals here.

Posted by Patricia Adams