Difference Between Acupuncture And Chiropractic Treatment

If you are keen on getting some basic information about the difference between chiropractic treatment and acupuncture, then you have many reasons to go through this article. Both are effective forms of treatment and they originate from their own schools. While there is no doubt that acupuncture is a much older form of treatment, chiropractic treatments continue to also become quite accepted amongst various sections of society. Sportspersons, in general, are more favorably inclined towards chiropractic treatment but quite a few of them also believe in acupuncture, especially when it comes to nagging and chronic injuries. Let us get started by understanding the basics of both chiropractic and acupuncture methods of treatment.


What Is Chiropractic Treatment


Put in plain and simple words, chiropractic treatment is about making small adjustments, manipulations, pushes and pulls to relieve pain and also various other types of discomforts. It is done by qualified and experienced chiropractors who use other tools like laser rays and other such methods. It is effective in managing some chronic pains of the back, neck, and joints.


What Is Acupuncture


When we talk about acupuncture, we are referring to a form of treatment where needles are inserted at various pressure points and this could give relief from pain in various parts of the body. Though both these forms of treatment are aimed at pain management, they have different approaches. It may not be out of place to mention here that chiropractic treatment might be less invasive in the absence of needles being pricked in different parts of the body.


Acupuncture Improves Blood Circulation


According to the science behind acupuncture, most problems occur because of wrong blood circulation and this could be corrected when acupuncture is used properly. Low circulation of blood could lead to low immunity and hence when this is corrected it could lead to freedom from pain, inflammation and other such issues.


Chiropractic Treatment Is More About Muscles, Tissues, And Joints


On the other hand, when one talks about chiropractic treatment, it is more about giving relief to the tissues, joints, and muscles. It offers huge relief from inflammation and pain and all this is done without any surgical intervention. Further, chiropractic treatments could also be useful in addressing problems related to the nerves. This is the reason as to why it is considered very useful when it comes to treating newly born children.


Both Are Complementary To One Another


It would also be pertinent to mention here that both these forms of external treatments are good in their own ways. They have unique advantages and of course, they do also have shortcomings in some cases. But it would not be out of place to mention here that both are complementary to one another and therefore it is quite likely that both will grow side by side in future.


Which To Choose


The answer to the question of which option to choose would depend on a number of factors. The kind of pain, injury or disease will be the main deciding factor. For pain management chiropractic treatment could be okay. On the other hand, acupuncture is suggested for some chronic forms of diseases.

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Posted by Patricia Adams