Mental and Physical Health In Sports

Professional Athletes Need Mental Health As Much As Physical

Mental Health Care

With so much emphasis places on the physical attributes of professional athletes, many people are unaware that the mental strains caused by expectations and competition and weigh heavily on the minds of these athletes. It’s important that we as health professionals keep an open eye out for signs that these athletes may be in need of help. This goes for the physical aspect as well, some athletes will hide injury to prevent being sidelined for a game, or participating in practices. Most professional sports teams have mental coaches on staff to support the mental health of their athletes and monitor their performances. Other sports teams have in house doctors and chiropractors that specialize in sports performance. The doctors over at ( provide phenomenal chiropractic care for athletes in Keller, Texas. Dr James specializes in personal injury and sports injury. Have access to a resource like this is extremely beneficial no matter where you live. The same can be said for mental health coaches. There are businesses out there like ( that specialize exclusively in caring for, treating, and improving the psychological aspect of sport. These are just two examples of amazing people doing amazing things for athletes.

Signs Of Mental And Physical Distress

athlete receiving lower back treatmentMost coaches and training personnel know their athletes like their own children, so identifying emotional mood swings or a decrease in performance should be easily noticed. The important thing here that we need to focus on is what are the next steps for we need to take to care for them. Some coaches and staff will over look these signs and blow them off, but it’s important for the longevity of the athletes career to notice, identify, and treat any issues both physically and mentally. We must remember that most of these athletes begin their professional careers at an extremely young age. Kobe Bryant was drafted to the NBA right out of high school at age 18, imagine the mental stress that would cause on an 18 year old kid. I would imagine that Kobe had a mental health coach throughout his career, but especially in the beginning. Marshawn Lynch was a professional running back for the Seattle Seahawks that suffered from lower back pain towards the end of his career and was in need of chiropractic treatment. This ongoing back pain forced Marshawn to retire.

Posted by Patricia Adams