The Psychology Behind Moving

Moving And How It Can Affect Your Mental Health

People move all over the world every day, wether it be for a new job, to find love, to be closer to family, the reasons vary and the psychology behind those decisions can be rational and irrational at the same time. There are also times where the location that someone moves too can cause mental health issues due to weather changes or environmental changes. Children are often times affected most by a long distance move. relocation depressionMoving away from peers they grew up with and school mates can cause depression in children as young as 4 years of age. Other factors that weigh in are weather patterns, moving from a state like Arizona to a state like Alaska could be traumatizing to an individual that is used to enjoying the warm weather. It can take time to acclimate and adjust to new environments but what is the long term affect on ones mental health? This is a question that I don’t necessarily have the answer too. I did take it upon myself to reach out to some random individuals I have encountered on Facebook and asked about their moves they were posting about. One couple said they made the move out of state and relocated for 6 months before deciding to move back home. Apparently the children were suffering from home sickness to the point where one child fell ill. I also interviewed a moving company out of New Jersey called Bluebell Relocation and they offered some interesting feedback regarding some of the experiences they have witnessed first hand while preparing families to move. One mover said it was not uncommon for children of the families to throw temper tantrums and act out about the move. He went on to say with family members, neighbors, and friends assisting and standing around prior to departure it definitely seemed to make it more difficult for the children trying to say goodbye to their childhood residence. Although truly conducting a study on the affects a move has on ones mental health would require a lot of case studies, I can conclude based on my interviews that there are some underlying concerns that should be addressed post-move especially with children.

Posted by Patricia Adams