Psychology Resources

Baxley Media Group
Baxley Media Group is a leading distributor in Health and Human Relations Videos.
Effective Sleep Solutions
Enjoy restful, relaxing healthy sleep – tonight and every night! Fall asleep as soon as you go to bed! No sleeping pills. No drugs.” E-book.
“CD-based courses to improve parenting skills and family communication.
Growth Groups
Aka Growth Central. Books, videos, cassettes about Relationships, Anger Control.
“MP3s, audiotapes, books for self-help therapy.
The Feelings Company
We are a small, family owned company founded in 1989 by a practicing family therapist.

Powerful tools seamlessly integrate every facet of your management process in compliance. provides a confidential, convenient, robust, and cost-effective solution for caseworkers.
AuroraMD is in-office screening service for Primary Care Providers.
Care Enterprise
Care Enterprise [is] for practice management, billing, financial reporting.
Classroom Sociometrics
In today’s world of student violence, it is more important than ever that students who lack social skills are identified early for social skill groups.
Clinical Record Keeper
Efficient Software To Help Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, and Counselors Put Records in Their Place.

A new personality test that rivals Myers Briggs and is being used in Fortune 500 Companies nationwide.
IPAT (Institute for Personality and Ability Testing, Inc.)
IPAT is the publisher of the 16PF Questionnaire.
Fun-sounding tests like “Are you a freak” and the “twin”
The pioneer and leader in online testing, has developed hundreds of psychological assessments.
Village Publishing
Village Publishing publishes psychological tests and materials used by psychologists in child custody evaluations.

1-800-THERAPIST Network
This program provides referrals to licensed professional mental health practitioners for people of all ages who need assistance with a wide range of mental health problems.
Discover the 25 secrets to success in working and winning with people.
No matter what other therapies you decide to use Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is the first step for parents.
Find ADHD Service Providers for Free.
Alcoholism and Addictions
SoberRecovery lists hundreds of resources for addiction treatment and alcoholism treatment centers in the U.S.
Conscious Choices
Conscious Choices is a place where you can begin taking control of your life. they gateway to the widea world ofmental and emotional health, wellness, and growth on the web.
W-Lab – International Online Research Lab-United – International Online-Research.
Great Plains Students’ Psychology Convention
Dr. John Grohol’s home of down-to-earth, reliable, and accessible mental health resources online.
Personal Ads on the Internet
Houses many research institutes, centres and groups investigating a wide variety of topics such as the Arctic, law and the family, and more.
The Therapy Directory and News to Use at Psychology Today:
SearchLook Hyper-Text Directory
An optimized web directory of hyper links.

Internet Public Library
Features directories of online texts, newspapers, magazines and reference materials.
Library Research in Psychology
The home page for the American Psychological Association.
The World’s Largest Online Library of Books plus Tens of Thousands of Journal Articles.