Understanding Something Useful About Neck Pain

Also referred to as the cervical spine, the neck is a very important part of the body. It holds in place the vertebrae or spine which runs through the base of the skull to the upper torso. We need to understand that the neck has a significant range of motion. It also supports the entire weight of the head. But, unlike the spin, it is not well protected. Therefore, the neck is often prone to injuries and disorders. This could lead to inflammation, pain, and range of motion and movement could become restricted severely. In most cases, neck pain and discomfort is temporary in nature and it disappears in a few days. However, there are some situations where the neck pain might become either very acute or it also could become chronic. In such situations, medical intervention might be necessary

What Are The Causes Of Neck Pain

There could be many reasons for neck pain. The most common reasons are some abnormalities in the soft tissues. These include ligaments, muscles, and nerves. It could also be because of some problems with the disks and bones of the spine. However, soft tissue abnormalities like sprains are the most common reasons for neck pain. Pain, discomfort, and inflammation could also occur due to prolonged wear and tear. There could also pain because of infection and abnormal growth such as tumors. Neck pain could also migrate to other parts of the body and many people suffer from pain and discomfort of the shoulders, upper back, and arms. In many cases, the underlying cause could be some problems with the neck and therefore you must not ignore such pains. These are also referred to as sympathetic pain.

CDD or Cervical Disk Degeneration

The disk plays an important part and does the job of a shock absorber between the neck and bone. When a person suffers from CDD or cervical disk degeneration, he or she could be in some big problem. It actually occurs for people who are forty years and above. When a person suffers from CDD the gelatin-like center situated in the disk degenerates and this leads to narrowing of space between the vertebrae. When this happens, it leads to increased stress to the joints of the spine. This, over a period of time, causes further wear and tear and leads to a situation called as degenerative diseases. The cervical disk could also protrude and this could also lead to increased pressure on the spinal cord and could pinch the nerve roots. This also is referred to as a herniated cervical disk.

Injury Could Also Be A Cause

The neck is very flexible and it also supports the weight of the head as mentioned above. Therefore it is always vulnerable to injury. It is common to come across instances of diving accidents, motor vehicle accidents and also accidents caused by other contact Owasso chiropractor sports. Falls could also result in bad injuries to the neck. Hence, prevention is the keyword wherever it is possible. While nothing much can be done in case of contact sports, diving, and other such sports, one can take precaution when it comes to driving cars. Use of seat belts can certainly prevent a number of neck injuries that are caused by forward-momentum when a crash occurs or when the brake is applied suddenly.

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